Backorder Terms & Conditions

Backorder Process
As soon as you place your backorder, your order will be processed by one of our friendly staff and you will receive a confirmation email. This email will indicate the lead time for your order, confirm the delivery address, and provide you with a contact person should you need any further assistance.

Backorder Lead Time
​​Lead times on backorders may vary as shipping conditions are out of our control. We always strive to provide the most accurate lead times possible, but we can not predict natural and political obstacles that international shipping may face. Before placing a backorder, kindly check with us what the estimated lead time would be to avoid disappointment. The lead times we provide ​are subject to no other limiting circumstances, meaning that ​they may change and we can not be held liable (for the reasons above).

With new stock arriving in South Africa, there are always pricing fluctuations due to currency exchange rates. We strive to always honor the prices paid for backorder items by absorbing any potential increases in price – but ​on some rare occasions​,​ you may be asked to pay an additional amount towards your order to help cover a price increase. This is not the norm, but it may happen from time to time. Should you not be willing to make an additional payment, you will of course have the option to request a full refund on your order.

Order Terms
When placing a backorder with us, all of our normal Terms and Conditions still apply.